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Ne prend pas en compte les formats OpenOffice...

Files pro

Génial!!! Voilà enfin une appli de gestion de fichiers, digne de nom! On se croirait sur un ordinateur! Que dirais-je? LiPhone est un ordi! Long Life for steeve jobs memory!

Simply the best

This app is the very best one to manage files on idevices. I ve bougt it at its launch. It was less expansive. Its cost at this time is its negative point but if you want to solve the pb due to the "no usb connection" on idevices, that app is what you need. I repeat and it deserve it: "this is the best app to manage quickly and efficiently documents of every kind and extansions on idevices". Thanks to Oliver Toast who works on and develops the project, i think so. Thanks a lot and very good job men. 4 me this is the very Number one. Then you could have to think about reducing the price because it can be a brake for new users, and it is sad because this app "win to be known" as we use to say in french :). Best regards, cya dudes

Was the best, now is the worst ?

Very unhappy with the latest release. Ive used Files Pro since 5+ years with no problem. This new release, after just 10 mns of use: 1- is unable to accept new files from iTunes with drag-n-drop, fails at unzipping zipped files, 3- unable to create new folders. I will revert to the previous release.

What about that "easy to use" promisse??

It doesnt work unless you are skilled enough to manually transfer files using WinSCP (or any similar tool), and able to find the hidden File folder somewhere inside your iPhone. Im still waiting for the autors first update and bug fix.


Aplicativo muito bom!!

Very well...

One of the better Apps out there. Totally working fine and good with the updates. Very few developers really kepp up the good work like that. Looking forward to further improvements... Truely worth the money and five stars!

Good App, but still not updated for iOS 7 design

Come on, its been months and you still have the iOS 6 look?

this app works really great at developer: please fix a little problem

I want to say that this app is really a really great and many thanks to the Developer you make a very good job. at this moment I am listening to an Audiobook via Filespro in my dropbox account there is the folder with 17 tracks and at the end of each one the player cut some seconts from the file and between the Files there The app makes a little break before next track is playing but I know that if I play this folder with an other app there are no pause so listening is not so great at the moment with Files Pro. this little problem is not really new in this app and I hope and wish that this will soon fixed. when this problem is finished and this bug fixed then I can give five * for files pro.q

I miss the fast Button to check IP quickly

That was better in version before. Please change! That was the reason i bought Files Pro, because other Apps dont have this fast feature. By the way: the index-tab of server-settings is buggy. Cant exit the menu without closing the App!

Open Link in HTML doc does not work

Tapping on a Link does not open the link but jumps to Google Search :-(

Good app

Useful for anyone who needs to manage files similar to on a computer. The passcode feature is quite nice, too.

Not working right after iOS4 update

MP4 files no longer play after I did the update :(


Love this app. The indexing is great. Use it all the time.

Used mostly for Geocaching

Ive used this program for over a year and depend on it extensively. It certainly meets my needs. My primary use is to allow for paperless geocaching. It allows me to download thousands of geocache listings so that I have the full data page avaiable when out in the field. I also have some user manuals downloaded to it sot that they are handy and available when needed. The recent improvements to the program allow me to easily move back and forth to indexes and find the information that I need. All in all it is an excellent program.

Sick app!!

This app is great!! Im holding one star back until they upgrade it so that people can edit documents imported to the app lol

Nice Work

Nice work, Nice work, Nice work, Nice work, Nice work, Thats all I can say; "Nice work".

Great for loading travel guides and maps plus work-related documents

I use it daily for my work in a hospital. Its PDF capabilities are unmatched among the several other apps I tried. It features continuous page scrolling plus a surprisingly fast search, which are both unseen in most iOS PDF apps. It also caches the pages its been through. There is a small bug Id like to signal though. My iPod spends most of the day on Airplane mode. Every time I bring up Files, it asks me to "deactivate the Airplane Mode to access the data" even if the WebDAV server is shut off. I dont understand why I would have to, since I can still ignore the message and continue using my files in the app. Giving it five stars anyway because it is a real time saver for my job.

i like it..

its easy to use and also keeps docs safe


Doesnt work as stated; doesnt unzip/uncompress, very slow. no option to add folders; very tedious and time consuming to transfer files

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